Bruno Gomes interview

We do not usually write articles in English, but as our site had many foreign visitors while the race for Lucas, we decided to translate this interview. I hope you enjoy.

We talked to Bruno Gomes, Desportivo Brasil’s player who is at a trial in Manchester United. The 16 year old striker, who is having his first contact with the club, has already good marks and was a authentic goal scorer wherever he played: top scorer for Palmeiras in the Paulista U-13, for São Carlos in Paulista Interclubes U-15 and in Copa Brasil Votorantim (also U-15) for Corinthians. At DB, he has just been the top scorer of Paulista U-17 Paulista with 19 goals.

Bruno spoke about his arrival at MUFC, his first contact with the squad and what he aims in the club. Check it out:

How was your first meeting with Sir Alex Ferguson?
It was nice. He is a myth in Manchester, where everybody respects him and to be close to him was great. In fact, he only asked about my position and if I spoke English. Then he talked with the club representative who led me to Manchester.

Have you had any contact with the squad?
Here we have breakfast and lunch along with the first team players. We also train in the same place, in separate fields, but we watch their training sessions from some distance. It was great to be at the same table as Giggs or Rooney, isn’t it? You can imagine how I felt!

What did you think of Manchester? And about Carrington?
The city is good, it has everything we need, looks a bit like São Paulo but in a smaller size. The Training Center is incredibly monstrous with wonderful fields, all perfect, giant gym, cafeteria for everyone. It is really big, fair to the extent of Manchester United.

How does it feel to move from a small Brazilian club straight to Manchester United?
Good, because when I left Corinthians I was already aware that the project was about going to United when I turned 18.

How was your first practice? Did you feel the any difference in the game mode?
The Manchester training sessions are very similar to the Desportivo Brasil ones, because the DB coaches do internships with us in Manchester due to the partnership, and also because the United’s representative workouts in Brazil giving us trainings from time to time.

On twitter, many fans already gave you welcome. Does that give you more confidence on your arrival at MUFC?
It is wonderful. I really wanted to be able to wear the Reds kit now! It”s great to see what the club means wordwide, I”m really happy. I hope to really be a United player soon, officially.

What are your goals in the club?
My goals are to be top scorer in the league, being the first Brazilian to do so, mainly to be English champion and to win the Champions League. This is my dream, hearing the crowd singing “Champeone, champeone, ole ole ole!”

Watch his most recent goals for Desportivo Brasil:

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